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Viddy this well oh my brothers and sisters

The New Video from
the album 'Alien Bra'


from the album 'Alien Bra'

In '77 promo - Shot and cut by Keith
Abductee - shot at The Dublin Castle by epidemic271
dubbed with the album track by Neale
Pervert - Made by Neale
Kill - live multicamera shoot at The Standard
and it worked - The Standard closed shortly after!
Riot - Live at the Dublin Castle 15/10/17
Shot and laughter at the beginning of by epedemic271
Chinese Eyes - Live at Plumstead Make Merry
shot and cut by Keith
The Outbursts look back at 2017 by looking back to 1977 and play Pretty Vacant live at the Plough and Harrow as part of the Leytonstone Festival
The Outbursts look forward to 2018 with a spontaneously created song - Hurry Up and Die!
Things really get going at 1m 26s!